Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breastfeeding v20.11

Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed our children. In the US, unfortunately it is not the normal way to feed our children. We are a bottle raised society, where formula is the norm, not the exception. We are realizing that with recent health updates all of the benefits to both mother and baby and as an informed society we are trying to go back to breastfeeding, to take advantage of all of the benefits that we are now aware of. However, there are still too many “booby traps” that prevent women from being successful, and obtaining their own personal breastfeeding goals. The internet has become a go to for many moms for education, advice, and for help. I fully “blame” the Internet and Social Media in the success that I personally experienced breastfeeding my first daughter until she self weaned, at two, half way through my pregnancy with my second daughter. How amazing is it that with one status update, one tweet, or one comment that you literally have an army of mothers that are willing to give you the information that you are seeking, or a link to where the information can be found? They say that it takes a village to raise a child; well with social media, the village just went global. Social Media is so prevalent in how many people live day to day, the advice that is available to help mothers know that there is another mother that has gone through the same thing, or has an answer to her question just a click away, is more than comforting. I am positive that many women would give up when it was a struggle with out the advice of the mom to mom support that is now available! You can find weekly chats on Twitter (#bfcafe, or #bfchat) or Facebook pages dedicated to supporting Moms (like the Leaky B@@B). Plus, there is now an abundance of blogs that have any question, idea, or concern in their archives. It amazes me how something that comes so naturally to women, has lost and regained its importance, and has become the “In” thing to do again because of the support that is available to moms through the social media outlets that are now available to us. A tweet in Florida, sent out by a frantic mom at 2 am, is answered by a mom, which is just getting her little one settled in for a new day of playing in Australia. A Facebook post on a fan page is answered by a dozen moms that all agree what the mom is going through is normal. Reassurance, acceptance, support, is all available with the click of a mouse. Who would have thought even fifteen years ago that the wealth of knowledge that is available to moms now would be bringing back the acceptance of the natural way to feed your child through social media? Breastfeeding has truly become high tech, although it is the most basic way to nourish a child.