Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mommy, I do it, It's not your turn it's mine!

As you all know I am a HUGE breastfeeding advocte. Breastfeeding is the norm in our house. I do not allow bottles tht have anything other than "juice" in them as play toys for Lillie. Strict? Maybe, But it is the easiest way for me to show her on her level what is the normal way to feed your child. She gets upset when she sees a child being fed by a bottle, and asks "Why arn't they nursing Mama, baby no nurse?!?!" This is a win in my book. One day, I understand that I will have to explain to her what formula is, and why it is used, but for now, "nurses" (bewbies) are how babies are fed. It feels amazing to be able to be the complete opposite of how society thinks about breastfeeding, I absolutely love it when she sees another mom breastfeeding her baby or toddler, covered or not! It is normal for her to play with my pump parts, or nurse her baby dolls or stuffed animals. She brings me a "nurse helper" (bra) when I get out of the shower, or am changing to go somewhere. I have not made suggestions to her as far as what to call breastfeeding,or breasts, or anyhting, this is what she has chosen to call them, and I deff. think its cute to hear it! Lillie weaned when I was about 18 weeks pregnant with Avalon. Although I am fairly sure the composition and flavor of my milk changed, she self weaned. It was a slow and gentle weaning, and I don't remember the last time she did nurse. I believe it was at a friends local indoor play area, and it was very short, at least that is the last time I remember her nursing. With Avalon coming so soon after she weaned I was woried that breastfeeding Avalon was going to be a big issue with Lillie, and I did not want her to feel resentment or jealousy about the new nursing relationship that Avalon and I would have. We talked with her about how baby sister was was going to nurse, and how she was a big girl and didn't need to nurse anymore. Sometimes when we talked, she was "ok" and seemed to understand. Others, "No baby sister can't nurse, my nurse." SIGH. This was probably my biggest fear in transitioning from one child to two. Lillie deffinately proved me wrong! When she met Avalon for the first time and Avalon made as much as a whimper if Daddy was holding her, "Daddy I need to take Baby Sister to Mommy, she needs to nurse!" I MELTED! That honestly was the sweetest thing I think I have ever heard her say, ever. I knew at that exact point that she was going to be an amaing big sister! As the weeks hve passed, the jealousy has not kicked in about Avalon nursing. (Yet) Lillie is the first person to say that she thinks that Avalon needs to nurse, it amazes me! We were shopping the other day, I had both girls in the buggy. Lillie has seen me use my pinkie to soothe Avalon when she just needed it. I looked down and she had her finger in Avalon's mouth, "Mommy, Avalon's nursing on my finger. It's not your turn to nurse her it's mine!" I melted again! Although she doesn't fully understand, it amazes me how compassionate this little girl is for "Baby Sister". All my worries about breastfeeding and Lillie not understanding as well, or wanting to nurse again have compleely subsided. I can't wait for Avalon to be able to understand as much as Lillie does, and to help further develop both of their knowledge about what is the most normal way to feed babies. Who would have thought that my single greatest fear, ended up being the one thing that Lillie pays most attention to, and wants Avalon to be able to do, anytime that Lillie deems necessary. I may have one if not two little Lactivists in training, watch out world!