Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dear Avalon, You are 6 weeks old!

Dear Avalon,
You are six whole weeks old! I can not believe how quickly this time has passed since you were born! I feel like you have been apart of our family forever, but yet, you are still so new! You are up to 10lbs 6oz as of your last visit, which was a few days ago. You are growing beautifully and filling out amazingly! You have just about out grown all of your newborn sized clothes and are filling up 0-3mo clothes nicely. It amazes me still that you have had nothing in your system except breastmilk. I know my body helped grow you, but it amazes me and makes me feel like a wonderful Mommy to see you continuing to thrive from me alone! Your Big Sister absolutely loves you! She has recently calling you "Sweetheart" and I want to cry everytime she says it. She pays close attention to your hunger cues and regularly tells me that "Baby Sister is really, really, really, hungry Mommy, she needs to Nurse!" (You usually do) and she is now trying to change your diapers, regularly getting all your needs (diaper, inserts, wet bag and wipes) and pays close attention to what I do to "Make baby sister happy." I am returning to work on Monday. I have lots of mixed emotions about my return, but you are very close, and I am hoping to be able to take lunch breaks to see you and nurse very frequently. I do not want to leave you but know that you will be happy, as I believe I have picked out a very good care taker for you. The only obstacle that we have yet to over come is a bottle. You still have not ever had one, and I am happy about that, however, our time has come that you need one while I am gone. I have plenty of Milk pumped for you, and Daddy will be giving you your first bottle tomorrow. I am hoping it will not be a big confusion for you and that you do well, I kwow you will do well. I treasure every day that you are with us in our little family. I can't wait to watch you grow up!

Mommy <3